The Most Important Question You’ll Ever Ask

When it comes to living a happy and successful life, one question stands above all others: What do you want?

Without the right answer, nothing else matters.

It doesn’t matter how badly you want to change. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve wished for something better. If you don’t know exactly what you want–and know that it’s the right path for you–you’ll never get the life you’re after.

So the question is put to you: Do you know what you want? Your true passion and calling? The unique goals, dreams, and ambitions that are right for you? Do you know which paths will lead to joy and which will leave you feeling empty?

If you can’t answer these questions, you’re not alone. Most people can’t, not because they aren’t smart or worthy enough, but simply because they were never taught how to uncover their unique path to happiness. Each one of us has a unique set of needs and wants based on who we are and what we’ve been through, particular goals that will lead us to the life we want to live.

But without knowing how to figure out those goals, most people are left confused, frustrated, and lost. Not knowing what you want in life, what you should be and what you should do, is one of the worst feelings we can experience. It can feel empty and hopeless, as if life has no meaning, as if we’re blindly guessing our way forward with little chance of finding fulfillment.

As terrible as this experience can be, there’s hope. The goals and dreams that will make you happiest exist–they’re in there. You just need a way to uncover them. That’s what SquareOne was designed to do.

“…figure out who you really are…”

“The amazing questions in SquareOne help you figure out who you really are, resulting with the knowledge that you WILL know what you want and what’s important to you. These questions give me answers that I didn’t even know I needed but are the important connection to access abundance and anything you want.”

June Harder, Memphis, TN

How to Decode Your Personal Path to Happiness

Within all people is a unique set of needs and wants that must be fulfilled in order to experience the feelings of joy and success–what works for me won’t necessarily work for you. Because of this reality, you need to decode your own path. One size fits all simply doesn’t work.

This explains why people who actually achieve major goals can still feel empty at the finish line. What they thought would make them happy was in fact the wrong direction to follow.

While you could guess your way forward, like most do, there’s a better option. By following a series of five stages, you can pinpoint the goals, dreams, ambitions, projects, hobbies, and passions that are best suited to you and your life. There are specific exercises, insights, and questions that, when answered, will leave you with a plan that is perfectly in sync with your particular needs and wants.

Leave out one of the stages and you’ll most likely be stuck right where you are. But put them each to work and things will never be the same. When you know what you want out of life, everything changes…your confidence, motivation, satisfaction, happiness, and, of course, what you do and who you become…


∗ You’ll experience a renewed drive and motivation. When you finally discover the things you were meant to do and be, the motivation to make things happen will be triggered. You’ll be driven to follow your path instead of feeling stuck.

∗ You’ll be excited about the future. With a clear vision of where you’re heading, you’ll once again be excited about what’s to come and feel hopeful about the weeks and months ahead.

∗ You’ll feel a sense of peace and joy. You’ll begin to realize the confusion and the frustration of the past have been replaced with clear and compelling goals and dreams you were meant to chase.

∗ You’ll be in control. Instead of wishing and waiting for things to improve, you’ll be able to design your ideal life, step by step.

∗ You’ll experience a sense of meaning and purpose. Along with uncovering your goals, you’ll also tap into your passions, giving you the feeling of purpose we all hope for in life.

∗ You’ll be happy. When you achieve the wrong goals–or have no goals at all–you feel empty. But when you set and pursue the right goals, you’ll feel proud, excited, satisfied, and, most important, happy.


If you’d like to experience these benefits, you’re in luck as we’re thrilled to announce the release of our brand new goal discovery system…


SquareOne is our answer to the question: What do you want? Filled with insights, ideas, exercises, and activities, this step-by-step guide outlines in simple detail the five stages to uncovering your unique set of goals and dreams. Among the many things you’ll discover…

∗ The first step to changing your life. Before doing anything else, you must make your way through this set of questions to set yourself up for future success.

∗ Twenty areas of your life to change or improve. There are far more opportunities for goal setting and goal getting than most people realize. You’ll learn twenty specific places goals can make a difference in your life.

∗ 53 of the most common life values. When you know what you value most, you know what goals will fill you with the most joy. SquareOne offers a list of the most common and powerful values for you to rank.

∗ Three periods in your life that hold clues to your happiness. Answering a series of questions about three specific times in your life will reveal patterns that can bring to light your purpose or passion.

∗ 104 of the most popular character traits. Which do you already have? Which would you like to develop?

∗ 60 of the most unpopular character traits. Which do you have? Which would you like to eliminate?

∗ The six human needs. Our goals are all unique, but our basic needs are universal. If you want to be wholly fulfilled, you need to see to each one.

∗ Three specific people and three specific questions that will immediately reveal goals. We all have these three people in our lives or in our minds. Asking three questions about them opens the door to a flood of possible goals to pursue.

∗ Five failures that can be turned into successes. Though we don’t usually want to focus on failure, describing these five times when you fell short will flip goal setting on its head and bring to light at least five goals that are guaranteed to get you excited.

∗ How measuring your interest in these 67 subjects can offer clues to your passion. When it comes to discovering your passions in life, you don’t have to start from scratch. Your past–and these 67 subjects–have clues to offer.

∗ The two qualities of every achievable goal. Not all goals are created equal. In fact, many people set goals that are designed to disappoint. Make sure every goal has these two traits and you’ll avoid that problem completely.

∗ 250 possible career choices. If you’re ready for a career change–or just getting started–and you’re not sure which way to go, this list will open your eyes to choices you may have never considered before.

∗ A seven-step quiz to improve your relationships. Nothing is more important than the relationships we have with our family and friends. SquareOne offers a simple quiz to highlight areas that may need tweaking–a perfect opening for new goals.

∗ The four rules of brainstorming. Few people know the rules, which is why few people set the right types of goals. Follow them and you’ll get more ideas, and better ideas, than your fellow brainstormers every time.

∗ Dozens of the most popular hobbies, interests, and experiences to add to your list. SquareOne includes lists of the most common goals in a range of categories, goals you can simply copy right onto your own list.

∗ The key to actually doing something about your goals. Having a goal is one thing, but doing something about it is a different matter. You’ll not only discover which goals are right for you, but also a simple technique to make sure you take action.

∗ And much, much more!

SquareOne includes everything you need to uncover, set, and reach your most important goals and dreams, and the entire program is now available to you for a price that works for every budget.

Why Listen to Us?

There are many programs available, each promising to help you get what you want, so why should you choose us? What experience do we have in this field? This is an important question to ask and one that you deserve to have answered.

For over 15 years, we have helped thousands of people change and improve the quality of their lives and discover their unique paths to happiness and success.

Since founding the website, we’ve welcomed over 2 million visitors and shared pieces of this new course to over 135,000 members of our motivation kits and weekly newsletters.

After this much time and this many people, you can rest assured that helping people discover their true path and achieve lifelong success is not only our passion, it’s also our expertise. And now, this same solution that has been proven to help thousands of others discover their unique goals and dreams can be yours.

The Complete Course Priced for All

Spend just a moment or two reviewing the prices of most of the similar programs available in the marketplace and you’ll find items ranging anywhere from $97 to upwards of $500 and even $1,000.

We take a different approach. From the very beginning, our goal has been to provide the tools and resources people need to improve the quality of their lives no matter their income level or status.

We believe that everyone who has the desire to live a better life deserves the chance to put these tools to work without having to part with hundreds or thousands of dollars, which is why we’re so excited about our special offer below.

Order Today and Receive SquareOne for Only $47

Instant Digital Download

The retail price of the complete program is $67, but you can get the entire package today for just $47, 30% off the regular price. To make the course even more affordable, we’ve converted it into a digital download that is saved directly to your computer within seconds–no shipping or handling fees.

If you consider how discovering your true goals, dreams, and purpose will change every aspect of your life for the better and set you on the right path toward true happiness, I hope you’ll agree this could be one of the best investments you ever make.

However, we don’t want you to make a decision until reading our special offer below.

“…a great place for anyone to start!”

“It’s a thorough program and deals with a lot of aspects, especially for people who haven’t done a lot of focused personal development work–it will give them insights they may not have picked up before. And it’s cheaper than going to a life coach that’s for sure. I think it’s a great place for anyone to start!”

Eve Lemmens, Boston, MA

Order Today and Receive the Bonuses Below Absolutely Free

By placing your order for SquareOne today you’ll receive the bonuses described below at no additional cost. Each will be automatically added to your order and immediately available.

Bonus #1: Life Purpose Workshop

In this bonus workshop, you’ll receive 20 additional activities and exercises designed to help you uncover your unique purpose in life. In particular, you’ll discover…

  • The two elements that form every life purpose
  • 192 trigger words to discovering your calling
  • Four moments from your past (often within the last two years) that hold the key to meaning
  • The 52 causes most often found in life purposes

Bonus #2: Sixty Seconds to Success

In your second bonus, you’ll discover dozens and dozens of quick, easy, and proven tips and techniques to help you begin changing and improving your life. Included in this special bonus are…

  • Over 20 extra tricks to discovering your true goals
  • The 26 keys to avoiding the most destructive – and common – obstacles to success
  • Two-dozen uncommon ways to improve with ease
  • The 36 success secrets that will change your life

Better than 100% Guarantee

If you’re not happy with SquareOne for any reason, you have every right to ask for your money back. No questions asked. If the guide doesn’t work for you, if you don’t get the results you hoped for, or if you simply didn’t have time to read the course, we’re happy to grant you an immediate refund. That’s just good business and care for the customer.

How can we make it even better? You get to keep the course and the bonuses.

Perhaps you’ll read them down the road when you’re ready to tackle that big goal or perhaps you have a friend who may benefit from their messages. Whatever the reason, you get to keep your downloads as well as your money.

How can we make it even Unlike most guarantees, which are limited to 30 days, our guarantee is good for your entire lifetime. If you’d like a refund in ten days or ten years, you get your money back. Period.

Some say this is bad business and that people will take advantage. They’ll purchase, download, and immediately request a refund, never having planned on paying in the first place. While it has happened a few times in the past (one reader even admitted it), it’s worth it. It’s worth it to help the majority who are on the fence to take the step toward a better life, regardless of a few bad apples.

With a price and a promise like this, I hope you’ll take the chance at change.

Get Your Copy Below

SquareOne has been converted into a PDF Digital Download, which means you can begin discovering your personal path to an amazing life within minutes.

Course Details: Contains 39 sections and over 125 pages of activities and exercises designed to answer life’s greatest question: What Do You Want? This PDF is downloaded directly to your computer, ready for on-screen completion or printing. You pay no shipping and handling charges and will be able to download your product immediately after placing your order.

Package 2

Course + 30-Day eCoaching Package
  • 39 Sections
  • 128 Pages
  • Instant Download
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • 30 Days Email Coaching
  • Currently Unavailable

Package 3

Course + 90-Day eCoaching Package
  • 39 Sections
  • 128 Pages
  • Instant Download
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • 90 Days Email Coaching
  • Currently Unavailable

Email Coaching: For some, the course is enough. For others, they want personal help putting the pieces in place along with receiving ongoing advice, encouragement, and accountability. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, simply choose one of the coaching packages above. The program is simple–you’ll have direct access to me via email, five days a week. Together we’ll tackle whatever challenges you’re facing and move toward whatever dreams you’re chasing. Further details are included with your purchase.

Prices listed are a one-time fee; there are no recurring or future charges.

Ready to Begin Living a Better Life?

Your life is the result of the decisions you’ve made–and didn’t make. And it’s time now for you to make a choice.

You can continue guessing your way forward, hoping the path you’ve chosen will bring you everything you desire. Unfortunately, without putting very specific elements to use and following an equally specific sequence, the chances that you’ll accidentally bump into your purpose and personal goals and dreams is doubtful at best.

There is another choice. You no longer have to feel confused, frustrated, or fearful of a future that is out of your control. You no longer have to hope the answers come to you–you can uncover and tap into them today.

And remember, with our guarantee and bonus package, you have an entire lifetime to put this brand new course to use without risk or worry. If you don’t get the result you’re after, everything is yours to keep.

If you’re ready to discover your purpose and path to the life you’ve always wanted to live, let’s get started.

My Best,




Jason Gracia
Founder & CEO
VantagePoint Motivation Services, Inc.

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