If you’re not living your best possible life, not reaching your potential and soaking up every ounce of joy and opportunity this world has to offer, there’s only one reason.

It’s Not in the Knowing

You know what to do. That’s never been the real problem. We might say different, but we both know that’s just a coverup, a handy excuse to explain why we aren’t doing something about the things we want to do in this life.

The real problem is how do we actually get ourselves to do the things we want to do?

That’s the heart of every problem, every goal we haven’t reached, every dream we haven’t achieved, everything we haven’t done. It’s never about what to do…Google solved that…it’s always about how we get ourselves to do it.

Getting in the best shape of your life isn’t a mystery: You eat the good, you ditch the bad, and you exercise daily. There may be disagreement about the details, but we more or less know what we should be doing. But it can seem impossible to pull it off, which is why millions of men, women, and children are overweight, prone to disease, and limiting their lives with every unhealthy choice they make.

The same can be said about your relationships, your job, your money, your business, your happiness. If you could “just do it” everything would be better. Everything could be amazing.

Easier said than done.

As you and I know, getting ourselves to follow through can feel impossible. But if we can’t get ourselves to do what it takes–to take a chance, to face the fear, to overcome the procrastination–we’ll be forced to settle for what we have now, or worse, forever.

You’ll be forced to give up on your big ideas. You’ll be forced to give up on your dreams. You’ll be forced to settle for a body you may not love or a job you may hate, forced to settle for a lack of money to take care of your family, a lack of security for your future, a lack of excitement and adventure in your life, a lack of pride in yourself.

The sad truth is that most people live two lives: the one they have and the one they want–and most of them never come close to the one they want.

It all comes down to the same basic question: How do we get ourselves to do what it takes?

Hi, I’m Jason Gracia, founder of Motivation123, author of The Motivated Mind, and creator of shift. The beautiful bride’s hand that I’m holding is my wife Megan and together we run our company, while raising our adorable daughter, Cora, in Madison, Wisconsin. Welcome.

The Quest for the Equation

This is a problem I’ve tried to solve my entire adult life. Ever since I can remember, I’ve hated the idea of NEVER…never doing the things I dreamed about doing, never becoming the person I knew I could become, never living up to my potential.

I needed a way to guard against that, to make sure I didn’t end up settling, so straight out of college I dove into the subject and learned everything I could about making good on my goals and ambitions. Along the way I shared my discoveries and insights with an online audience that eventually reached into the millions.

Most important, I found my answer.

And after combining and refining all that I had learned, I was left with an equation, a simple formula that guaranteed I would do whatever it took to reach my goals. Here it is:


Crazy as it may sound, I found a way to manufacture motivation in myself and others. Think back to a moment when you finally stopped waiting and actually did something about what you wanted–that moment, when things flipped, there’s a specific reason it happened, and when you know the equation you can make that happen at will.

Instead of waiting to wake up feeling driven and confident and excited about what’s to come, I was able to create those feelings–all I had to do was run my goals through the equation.

And it worked. I owe so much to this process…it has motivated me to launch companies, write books, travel the world, beat cancer, and, more or less, live a life I love. I know that whatever I set my mind to, I’ll make it happen–not through magic or manifesting–but through the simple equation that, if I follow it correctly, will unlock my motivation until I get what I’m after.

It’s had the same effect on other people too.

“…showed me how to identify and completely eliminate my fears associated with taking my exam. I learned how to transform nerves and doubt into optimism and unstoppable drive. I am happy to say I just passed my exam last weekend!”

Haley Farris, LEED AP

“This is the first motivation piece of literature that I have picked up that doesn’t need me to sit with a dictionary next to me.”

Trevor McDermit

“…changed my perspective on getting things done. It presented ideas so unique and so workable that I was left thinking that “now why wasn’t I able to see this before?”

Hannele Bennett

“…has encouraged me to focus on what is really important to me and has given me the tools to achieve my goals.”

Kristi Canavan

“Little by little, I’m breaking out of my rut and striding toward the life I’ve always wanted. It’s exhilarating!”

Gayle Edwards

“…gave me so much motivation that I have finally set up a business, something that I would never have imagined of doing before.”

Shalena Shukor

“I was thinking about leaving my wife for someone else who could “fulfill my dreams.” Now, I know I can fulfill my own dreams.”

Greg Patterson

“…gave me such hope and fueled my determination to recover after my accident. Two years later I trained for and successfully completed a 25-mile limited distance horseback ride on my Arab. That experience has changed my life.”

Susan Croft

“As well as giving me new insights on motivation for myself, I can now use the methods in my Life and Business Coaching practices because it presents a simple structure clients can follow and not just the idea of “think big for your goals.”

Joanne Silverstein

“…has been instrumental in converting a repeat felony offender (son of my former cleaning lady) into a law-abiding, productive citizen who no longer poses a threat to society. It doesn’t get any better than that!”

Jon Konrad

“It changed my life…body, soul and spirit.”

Bert Cloete

“Now I have new job, a new attitude and am better off than I have ever been.”

Dave Ochadlik

“…not only inspired me to make positive changes in my own life, but it has helped me to be more effective in assisting patients to make positive changes in their lives as well.”

Debbie Rickeard RN MSN

“I moved my real estate broker’s license from a friend’s company into my own entity and am now working on further developing “my own brand.”

Maureen Thelen

“I have applied this one insight to my weight-loss plan and was actually successful for the first time in years!”

Jennifer Waiter

“I’ve never felt so good about the future!! I’ve always wanted to be an artist for a living. For the first time ever I honestly believe that this can be a reality for me.”

Kim Walters

“…delineates a clear, effective program to cut through procrastination, fear, and doubt.”

N. Kinslow

“I was overweight and an under achieved employee with a low self esteem and my family life was just going no where. Now my relationship with my wife has tremendously improved, better than when we were engaged, I have lost 26 pounds, and have received many “thank you” e-mails from my boss for the change in my work attitude, preparing to start my masters studies and strongly believe I can continue for a doctorate, and still feel there is more to come.”

Omar Willis

“There are some wonderful eye opening insights that I had never heard or considered before.”

Ken Nixon

“I have taken steps to improve my part-time business, taken control of my mind to pursue my ideal lifestyle, and put plans in motion for each aspect of my life.”

John Pohlman

“I have just recently started back in school, working on my masters degree. Something that I had been thinking about for some time, but never started. Thanks for helping me start towards a long time goal that had been stagnating.”

Berkley Reid

“My head feels clearer and I believe that tomorrow I will lay out a set of goals clearer than any I have ever laid out before.”

Doug Cartwright

“…offers insights and information that can literally change your life overnight.”

Jim Michels

“…contains some very powerful but very simple ideas about personal change. So simple and so powerful that I’ve already lost 10lbs and finished my own book chapter.”

Karl Poste

“I signed up for a class at my local Junior College in computers, learned XP, Word, Excel and Powerpoint-all with the idea of pursuing a better job. Thanks so much for the motivation!”

Bonnie Stevenson

“For three years I have struggled to find the life inside me I always knew was there. Now, finally, I have been given the tools to release it and create a life by my design. My words do little to express the joy and relief in my heart. Thank you, Mr. Gracia. I am now able to motivate myself at will. I no longer have to wait for it. Now I create it myself.”

Ron Francesangelo

“I wrote my boss a letter about what I needed and deserved from my job and he listened. I got a new job description and a raise. Thank you!”

Kate Ashlan

“…a thorough and profound look at human nature and how it can control us–and logical and realistic ways to take that control into your own hands.”

Dale Stanley

“…jolted me out of my depression and helped me to believe in myself. It totally changed me and my way of thinking. I now believe anything you want in life is possible.”

Kaye Daniels

“After 10 years of suffering from depression, it’s nice to feel whole again.”

Cynthia Arnold

“I have since lost 25 pounds, am continuing to plug away at my book, and in two weeks, have an interview in San Franciso at the Federal Appellate Court while they interview me as a finalist for the Harry S. Truman Foundation Scholarship.”

Lisa Barreto

“…captured me into really making a change instead of just knowing it.”

Alison Brie

Answer This Question

What effect could it have on you? If you could flip a switch that would compel you to create the life you really want to live…past worry, past fear, past procrastination…what could you do?

What kind of relationships would you have? What would you do about your health? What about your job or that dream of building a business? Or making money or giving back or saving for the future? What adventures would you plan and carry out to make sure you were living your life to the fullest?

If you couldn’t be stopped, what would you do?

We marvel at those go getters, the people who are bursting with confidence and drive, the ones who are able to make anything happen, the ones who are where we hope to be. There’s a recipe for their kind of motivation, one that has the potential to positively upend your life in every way imaginable…

…and it’s all revealed in shift, a five-day video program that reveals the exact equation I–and thousands of others–use to get and stay motivated to live a more successful, more exciting, more rewarding, and happier life.

Over the course of just one week together, we’ll cover…

Day One: We kick things off with a reveal of the entire equation, outlining each piece and how they combine to determine your every move. You’ll discover an entirely new perspective on your behavior–and the behavior of others–which will change the way you approach every task, project, goal, or dream. You’ll finally know why you do what you do, why you don’t do what you know you should do, and, most important, how to change it all.

Day Two: The next day we’ll dive into the heart of the matter: what you want. Most people don’t realize that they’re actually choosing goals that are designed to fail (perhaps even a few of yours); people spend years struggling without ever knowing they were doomed from the start. By ensuring everything you want has three particular qualities, you’ll avoid that struggle and set yourself up for success.

Day Three: On the third day we’ll uncover the two most powerful motivators in life and exactly how to find them, maximize them, and use them to drive you forward no matter what’s standing your way. Human beings do what they do for only two reasons. This is the day you’ll discover what they are and how to unlock their potential in order to change your life.

Day Four: Fear. It’s the most common thing that holds us back from doing the things we dream about doing and from being the people we wish we had the courage to be. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. There are specific steps you can take to break it down, minimize it, and in some cases remove it completely. You can do things today that will make you feel less afraid tomorrow–and that will make all the difference.

Day Five: On our final day I’ll teach you how to produce perseverance. The point of shift isn’t to pump you up for one day–it’s to motivate you for the life of every goal you set. Typically, people feel driven for a day or two and then return to the way things were. But when you safeguard your goals with a few simple measures, that drive will remain in place from start to finish. (About that start, we’ll also cover how to make sure you actually begin every goal you set.)

In essence, shift is the playbook to your unique motivation code. Choose a goal, run it through the process, and you’ll naturally feel compelled to make it happen, even if you were once afraid, even if you kept putting it off. With shift, it’s a whole new ballgame.

Whatever your goal may be…to reshape your mind and body, to deepen your relationships, to launch or grow a business, to find a more rewarding job, to travel the world, to learn how to paint or draw or sing or act, to make more money or give more back, to add adventure to your life, to reach your potentialshift is the missing link to making it happen, the bridge that will finally help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

Ready to take shift for a spin?

If you’re ready to get started with shift, simply click below. You’ll get instant access to the entire program, along with instant access to your bonuses (more on that below). Each day you’ll receive a quick reminder about your new training video for that day, for the next four days, along with simple assignments to put shift to use in your life. We’re all about quick results here.

As part of the launch of this new program, shift is just a one-time payment of $97. Other programs may cost hundreds or even thousands, but I wanted to put this within the hands of anyone who wanted to improve their life. We all deserve a chance at happiness and success, regardless of the size of our bank accounts.

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For Your Convenience: As a shift customer you’ll not only have access to your training videos online but also MP3 and PDF downloads of every training to listen or read on the go.

Join us today and you’ll also receive the following bonuses.


The Motivated Mind

The book that started it all, this digital guide will serve as a backup to everything covered in shift. With over 10,000 copies sold in 25 countries, The Motivated Mind has helped thousands make good on their greatest ambitions.

Value: $19.95 / Yours Free

Over the past 20 years I’ve read dozens of books on motivation and when I got to the last chapter I simply shut the book – and did nothing. The Motivated Mind is the only book to have stirred me into action. John Savage

1/1 Email Coaching

Owners of shift will receive one full month of one-on-one email coaching to help you chase that big idea. Because there’s only one of me, this is a limited-time bonus.

Value: $297 / Yours Free

A long time ago when you offered one of your 1/1 coaching opportunities, I was fortunate enough to be selected. Soon after your help, I completed my bachelor’s degree. Now I not only have my master’s degree, but I am starting classes for my doctorate. Thank you for all that you do! Mary Ramlow

Free Program Updates

shift is always evolving and expanding, with fresh material, updated training, and new bonuses. As a customer, you’ll get every update or upgrade free of charge, so you’ll always have the latest version of the program.

Value: $97 / Yours Free

Lifetime Access

Unlike some programs that limit your access after a period of time, shift is yours for life, giving you the chance to learn, use, and revisit the material for as long as you choose. Invest once, access forever.

Value: $97 / Yours Free

Five days of training videos, MP3 audio downloads, PDF transcript downloads, a digital copy of The Motivated Mind, one month of email coaching, free upgrades, lifetime access, and a chance to change your life…all for $97.

Better than 100% Guarantee

If you’re unhappy with shift for any reason, you are fully covered by our 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. Simply send an email to support@motivation123.com within 30 days of your order and we’ll instantly refund the full purchase price, no questions asked. I know this program works, but you don’t–not until you try it–which is why I’m happy to take all the risk.

How can we make it even better? If you decide shift isn’t right for you, you get to keep your copy of The Motivated Mind as a thank you for giving the program a try. In that way, you have nothing to lose and a free book to gain. Not a bad deal, huh?

Which Path Will You Choose?

As much as we wish it weren’t the case, more people than not will live their entire lives without ever coming close to the one they hoped for. Their one shot will fall short of the goals, dreams, and ambitions they held on to for years. It’s a tragedy because it doesn’t have to be this way.

It’s not because they weren’t smart enough or lucky enough or worthy enough. It was simply because they didn’t know how to get themselves from here to there, how to overcome the obstacles and make something happen, how to shift the balance.

I don’t blame them. Few people talk about what it actually takes to change or achieve–motivational sayings slapped on a poster aren’t enough. But when you know how it works, when you have the missing link, everything changes. Life is no longer a struggle but instead a chance for you to create something remarkable. Everything you want suddenly comes within reach, not because of magic or manifesting, but through a brand new perspective and the owner’s manual to your unique motivation code.

Regardless of your past, regardless of your present, you can change, you can achieve. No matter the size of your goal or the reach of your ambition, you have what it takes to make it happen. You just need the missing link..and now you have it.

My Best,



Jason Gracia
Founder & CEO
VantagePoint Motivation Services, Inc.

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