The Reason for Their Success

Imagine being able to choose any goal and immediately feeling powerfully motivated to make it happen. No matter what’s standing in your way, you’d be so driven that you would blow right past it. You would get what you wanted every time. Sound too good to be true?

I thought so too when I was younger. Then I learned a basic truth: We do what we do for a reason.

Some type of reason, whether good or bad, is at the root of everything we do. To the average person, this doesn’t mean much, but you’re not average. Let’s dive deeper.

If you asked ten people off the street why they wanted to change their lives, you’d get one of two things–blank stares or vague notions such as “to be happy” or “to be successful.”

Sadly, that’s not good enough. We do what we do for a reason, but not just any reason. It has to be a good one, a powerful one. When you put a weak reason behind any goal, it’s not going to happen. “To be happy” isn’t compelling. It doesn’t excite or inspire. Taking into account the way our mind works, this is never going to move you to action.

And this is why so many people keep wishing for a better life instead of enjoying one. They don’t have good enough reasons behind their goals. So what’s the answer? Develop better reasons!

It’s that simple. If I told you that walking across the room would radically change and improve your life in an instant–and you believed it–I guarantee you would be moving your feet right now. Why? Because the reason moved you to action. It was powerful enough to make something happen.

And that’s what you need to do when it comes to your own ideas of a happier, more successful life.

Think of yourself as a storyteller. The better story you tell about what success will do for you, the faster it will happen. When you sell yourself on what you want, you’ll effortlessly and automatically be driven to make it happen. And it all starts with a good reason.

Take time today to think of at least three reasons your goal is worth achieving. Make them specific, powerful, exciting, and inspiring.

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