Power of the People

There we were, me and the babe (the miniature one, not the wife), with a clear goal that evening: we had to make it across the street to the neighbors for an impromptu cookout. The obstacle was equally evident: we had a lot of crap to bring.

As every parent knows, moving from point A to point B pre-baby was a breeze. Post baby? It’s like preparing for a month-long trek through the jungles of Papua New Guinea.

Diapers, diaper cream, diaper cream applicator, sweater if it gets cold, shorts if it gets hot, backup outfit in case of catastrophic blowout, snack, dinner, spoon, bib, wipes, backup wipes, favorite book (Goodnight Moon), favorite stuffed animal (Puppy), and, of course, her favorite necklace (Mardi Gras beads…this will surely come back to haunt me).

Along with the thirty-pound diaper bag, I had to carry my dinner and my baby. Too much for one trip, and I’m a one-trip kind of guy, unless…

I looked across the kitchen and there it was. Salvation.

The Baby Trend® Aspen LX High Chair in Mod Dot had everything a weary traveler needed. Wheels for convenient transportation, seatback on which to hang the bags, and even a place for the baby. Hold on, pumpkin, we’re going for a ride.

(Needless to say, my better half was out of town.)

Strapped in and ready for adventure, my little one squealed as I pushed her down the road toward the finish line. Problem solved, goal achieved.

After the day I had, turns out the goal was exactly what I needed.

Down & Out

You might expect the guy who runs Motivation123 to be permanently ON, forever ready to take on the world. That might be true of others–at least that’s the impression they’re going for–but me? Not so much.

I’ve never seen my role as the Wise One handing down life lessons from on high. No, we’re in this together and I’m right there with you, trying to figure things out and sharing what I learn along the way.

I’m usually positive, always appreciative, and often motivated, but I also get down, stressed, mad, overwhelmed, and scared.

That day, I wasn’t ready to take on the world.

Building this business back up from its glory days can be slow, hard work. It’s stressful and at times overwhelming. That day, I felt the pressure. I was also struck by the gripping worry that my cancer would return, a reasonable fear that loves to drop by from time to time. All in all I was down and out.

But then my phone lit up.

It was a text from my neighbor asking if I wanted to join them for a backyard cookout. I turned to my daughter and asked what she thought, but she’s a baby so her answer didn’t help. Forced to decide on my own, I texted back.

“We’re in.”

The Power of People

I wasn’t feeling up to being on, but I learned something about myself, something that’s true for most others as well, that made me accept the invitation. Not only are they the greatest neighbors anyone could ask for, but they’re also other people. And other people, I’ve learned, can work wonders on our minds and our moods.

Having successfully navigated across the asphalt terrain (not covered by warranty), we had the most wonderful evening together. Relaxed conversation, easy laughter, great food with amazing friends. Their company filled the night, leaving no room for the stress and worry of the day.

As the sun set and I pushed my daughter back home across that same street, which just hours before held up tired feet, it hit me just how powerful people can be. I was a new person on that walk home, the familiar bounce back in my step, a grateful smile on my face.

Other people can drive us crazy. They can make us want to scream, tear our hair out, or do both at the same time. But they can also mend a troubled spirit and relieve a worried mind.

They can make us forget the fear and they can make us remember that, despite all that’s stacked against us, with their help, we can take on the world.

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