What Do You Hate?

Oftentimes people have a tough time thinking of the things they really want, but not so with things they hate. Ask someone what they’re dissatisfied or unhappy with and out flows a constant stream of ideas.

And while complaining is rarely the solution to life’s problems, in this case – it is! Knowing what you are fed up with or unhappy about are simply goals in disguise. Once you pinpoint what it is you’re dissatisfied with, you’ve got a crystal clear goal for change.

Unhappy with your job? Great news! Now you know exactly what you need to do to improve the quality of your life. Hate how tired you feel each day? Take advantage of that complaint and create a goal to add more energy to your waking hours.

With a little time invested in figuring out what you don’t like, you’ll have all the material you need to create an exciting goal perfectly suited to your needs.

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