Can You Pass the Test?

If you’ve visited this site before, you know how important clarity is to the process of changing and improving your life. A vague or hazy idea of what you want can never provide the information you need to trigger your motivation.

So how do you know if you’re ideas are as clear as they need to be? How can you be sure that you’ve done all you can? A simple test.

Write down your goal, desire, ambition, etc. on a sheet of paper using as much depth and detail as possible. Then, when you feel you have the finished product, hand the sheet of paper to a friend or family member. After giving them a chance to read your ideas, ask them to explain back to you what exactly you’re after.

If they hit the nail on the head – without any help from you – then you can be confident that your ideas are clear and specific. However, if they miss the mark or have a handful of questions about what they just read, work still needs to be done.

After making your changes and improvements, repeat the process several times to ensure the ideas you have in mind are clear, concise, and prepare for attainment.

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