The Owner’s Manual to Your Motivation

One thing stands between where you are and where you want to be: motivation.

From that new body you dream of sculpting or that new career you dream of starting to the habits you want to drop or the goals you want to begin, it all comes down to getting–and staying–motivated to make something happen. But that can be easier said than done.TMM

“Just Do It” is a great slogan, but a slogan isn’t enough.

This is why most people are stuck in jobs they hate, why they live paycheck to paycheck, why they aren’t as healthy as they’d like to be, why they deal with problems instead of solve them, why they settle for a life that is far from their ideal.

It’s why most people let their grand ideas die and why they miss out on life’s great adventures.

They know what to do. You know what to do. But repeating “Just Do It” isn’t enough to make us move. There’s more going on behind the scenes.

Your mind is like a computer. Input the right information and you’ll get the right output. In other words, follow the right steps and you’ll naturally trigger your internal motivation…you’ll feel driven to do the things you’ve always wanted to do, without relying on willpower.

“…the only book to have stirred me into action.”

“Over the past 20 years I have read dozens of books on motivation and when I got to the last chapter I simply shut the book and did nothing. The Motivated Mind is the only book to have stirred me into action. Even before I got to the end I was up and at it, and actually taking definite steps towards achieving all of my goals.”

John Savage, London, England

Busting Your Greatest Myth

What does this mean? The reason you haven’t created the type of life you want IS NOT because you aren’t smart enough, good enough, or worthy. It’s merely because you haven’t installed the right program yet; you haven’t learned the system to making things happen.

I’m not saying you’re free and clear of responsibility–what you get out of life is entirely dependent upon what you put into it. What I am saying is that you aren’t broken. You aren’t destined to be stuck where you are right now, forever. You can change.

Imagine I give you my family recipe for chocolate chip cookies. You follow the instructions perfectly, measuring each ingredient with an exacting eye and stirring the mix with gusto. You slide the tray into the oven–at the temp and for the time the recipe requires–and when the timer goes off you skip to the kitchen, ready to devour your creation.

The result? The cookies taste like tar. They’re absolutely terrible.Cookie1

If you’re like most people, you blame yourself. You must have missed a step in the process, must have done something wrong. You’re not meant to bake cookies. You’re probably not meant to bake anything, ever.

We know this is silly. It’s the recipe–the system–that was flawed. Not you. You did what you thought was right, but following the wrong steps, even when you’re efficient, won’t deliver a winning result.

This is happening all over the world.

People (perhaps you?) are blaming themselves for failing to do the things they say they want to do. They tell themselves they’re lazy, dumb, average, unworthy, hopeless. We now know the truth. It’s not the person that’s broken–it-s the system. It’s time for a new recipe.

“…thanks for sharing your wonderful expertise.”

“I can’t thank you enough for your book, The Motivated Mind. The one simple principle alone in the third paragraph of page 146 caused a paradigm shift in me; I had never seen this concept explained in this way. It has motivated me to move forward on one of my big dreams which I have been seemingly stuck on. Again many thanks for sharing your wonderful expertise with me.”

Gary Pearce, Houston, Texas

A New Recipe to Follow

At this point we know motivation is the key to getting what you want. If you could only find a way to flip a switch and feel driven to do whatever it took, you would find a way. You would overcome fear, overcome failure, overcome every obstacle until you found a way to make your vision a reality.

Up to this point, you’ve been following a recipe that forces you to come up short. It’s time for a new recipe.

Believe it or not, motivation is a skill that can be learned and mastered. You can actually control your internal drive, using your built-in tendencies to your advantage. How amazing is that? When you activate the right triggers, you can actually work with your mind and its natural processes to compel you forward. You can flip the switch of motivation.

Creating an extraordinary life isn’t impossible. It’s simply that no one has shared the right recipe with you. That’s why I wrote The Motivated Mind.

Inside you’ll discover the six steps to finally and forever taking control of your behavior. You’ll be able to point to an outcome and allow your natural motivation to take you there. Just imagine what kind of life you’ll create with this new ability.

Everything will change. Your career, health, relationships, happiness, fulfillment–everything you’ve ever dreamed of will once again be within reach because you’ll know how to make yourself do what it takes. You won’t rely on wishing and waiting, which never works. Instead, you’ll rely on the only thing that has ever made anything possible–massive, consistent action.

You’ll be unstoppable.

“It ranks among the five most important books I’ve ever read.”

“I have just finished reading The Motivated Mind for the fourth time. It ranks among the five most important books I’ve ever read. The Motivated Mind cuts through your confusion and apathy like the sun burning off the morning fog. I wish I had this book when I graduated from college 30 years ago. Still, I know it’s going to help me set and achieve my goals for the rest of my life.”

Jack Zavada, Streator, IL

More Hype?

Iget it. This sounds like the same thing we see online every day. “Get everything you want! Just give me your money first!” There is no ceiling to the height of hate I have for people praying on the hopes and dreams of others. It’s despicable. I’ve met those people and I’ve run from those people.

This is not that.

I love systems. I love the idea of putting a proven process in place and watching the proven outcomes unfold. The Motivated Mind is the result of this love.

If we know that action is the key to change and achievement, then we must find a way to get you to act. Enter motivation. After that, we need to find a way to get you motivated. Enter The Motivated Mind.Happy

With the ability to get motivated on demand, you really can create anything you want. You really can find a job you love or start a successful business or improve your marriage or revamp your health. Not because of magic. Not because of luck. But because you will know how to get yourself to do whatever it takes.

I decided long ago to dedicate my life to helping people live fully before they die. This is my contribution. No hype, no tricks. Just purpose and passion.

But I would say that. It’s my book, my program. Better to have a handful of the 10,000+ past readers share their experiences…

“…each page gives me a new idea…”

“I have been reading The Motivated Mind and each page gives me new ideas of how to change my life in a positive way, for this I am grateful, but what really is priceless is that I am giving this powerful knowledge to my children. Thank you very much for writing this incredible book.”

Alejandro Barrios, Mexico City

“…achieve your dreams and desires today.”

“If you have ever told yourself, If I could just…or maybe tomorrow. Then this book is for you. By living the information presented in this book you can achieve your dreams and desires today.”

Cilla Moorhead RN, San Antonio, Texas

“…transform desire into action.”

“Reading The Motivated Mind can transform desire into action. None of the self help books I have read can compete with this book. You are hooked from the first page and just reading a chapter motivates you to take action to define and achieve your goals. Don’t just dream – get motivated by reading The Motivated Mind.”

Harriett Mabe, Walnut Cove, North Carolina

“This is a life-changing book!”

“Don’t just think about it? Do it! Buy the book today! Finally, a book that explains how to understand motivation, and how you can tap into your own well of motivation. Straightforward, easy to follow guidelines, that enable you to live your dreams. This is a must read for everybody. This is a life-changing book!”

Rob Morris, London, England

“…most straight forward and useful information…”

“I’ve read many books regarding motivation, but The Motivated Mind provides the most straight forward and useful information that can be applied in the real world.”

Dennis Child, Sacramento, CA

“…an easy and understandable read…”

The Motivated Mind is the absolute best! While being both an easy and understandable read, it actually did motivate me. I would recommend this book to anyone that truly wants to change their life. Achieving your goals and dreams is made possible through The Motivated Mind!”

BJ Cole, Kenneth City, FL

The Motivated Mind is by far the best.”

“I have read many books on motivation but The Motivated Mind is by far the best.”

Neil Thomas, Sydney, Australia

“I have never read a book like this…”

“Thank you for bringing this book into my life. I have never read a book like this. The Motivated Mind breaks everything down into such easy-to-understand terms. I just started using your method and I am already seeing results. I am excited to start using your system to motivate myself in every area of my life!”

Scott Hanson, Newport Beach, CA

The Motivated Mind has been an inspiration…”

“Your book, The Motivated Mind, has been an inspiration to me. You have helped me take those important “first steps” leading to the things I want in life. Furthermore, your writings have motivated me to keep taking those steps and stay on track. “I have recommended the book to many friends, including those in my support group. The group deals with emotional & weight issues. Readings from your book have helped may of us achieve our goals.”

Judy Bonnett, Akron, Ohio

What Will I Learn?

Here is some of what you’ll learn inside the pages of The Motivated Mind.

Motivation: The Hidden Truth Revealed. Discover the truth about motivation that will forever change your perspective and your life. Not understanding the inner workings of motivation is at the root of countless failures and frustrations. Learn the truth and I promise you’ll never look at motivation the same way again.

Solving the Mystery of Your Behavior. Learn exactly why you do what you do, but, more important, exactly how to change it. Your behavior, and the behavior of others, no longer has to be a mystery when you discover the behind-the-scenes sequence that takes place during every choice you make and action you take.

Discovering What You Really Want. Before you can begin to improve things in your life, you have to know what it is that you want. By working your way through nine insightful exercises you will know exactly what you want to have, experience, and become. You will learn how to create a personal roadmap to happiness.

The Key to Creating Permanent Change. Change doesn’t have to take a lifetime. When you understand the four keys to creating permanent change, you can improve any area of your life starting today. You will also use the four keys to create and maintain the motivation needed to chase and achieve your lifelong goals.

The Secrets to Gaining Unstoppable Confidence. A lack of confidence can lead to a life of fear, worry, and regret. When you know the insights and steps to gaining real confidence, you’ll have what it takes to act on your goals and dreams with absolute certainty. You’ll be given undeniable proof that you can, in fact, get exactly what you want and help others do the same.

Taking Control of Your Life. Would you like to have the power to live life on your terms, doing what you want to do when you want to do it? You can control everything in your life, but before that can happen, you must do one thing. After that, your life is yours to create and enjoy; you will never feel helpless again.

The New Attitude of Success. Attitude is everything, but that attitude is not a positive one. If you really want to get ahead in life at a rapid pace, you need to learn about the new attitude of success. There are more than two options (positive/negative), and utilizing the third will dramatically enhance your quality of life.

Transforming Your Desires into Reality. We all have dreams, but not everyone knows how to make their dreams a reality. There is a single method that you must use in order to take your desires to the next level. If you can dream it, you can achieve it with the help of this invaluable resource.

Three Stories to Learn by Heart. Every successful individual now and throughout history knew three stories that inspired them to success. Once you know these stories, there is nothing that you cannot accomplish. You’ll be telling them to your friends, family, and co-workers for years and years to come.

The Essential Ingredient of Positive Change. There is one thing that positive change requires, but few people know what it is. Because of this, they fail to improve and instead settle for less. We’re not going to let this happen to you. One key ingredient stands between you and the things you want. Soon you’ll know it and use it every day.

The Most Powerful Motivator in Your Life. There is a single principle that stands above all others when it comes to motivating yourself to achieve your goals. The motivator is available to everyone, though few recognize it. When you do, chances are you’ll never be the same. I promise it will inspire you for the rest of your life like it has inspired me.

Inspiring Action in an Instant. There is a handy technique used to inspire action that takes only seconds to put to use. Any time you want to get moving in the right direction, or inspire others to do so, you can use this method and in an instant the motivation is there.

Taking Advantage of Your Greatest Obstacle. Your greatest obstacle has the power to put a stop to all of your progress and momentum if you don’t learn how to use it to your advantage. It is the cause of millions of forgotten dreams and goals, and can actually create long-term fear and unhappiness. However, the steps to making it work for you are simple and effective, and will help you transform your greatest obstacle into your greatest resource.

The Driving Force Behind Lifelong Achievement. There is one habit that all successful individuals possess. This single habit is responsible for getting more excited, inspired, and fulfilled each day of your life. You can begin following it and receiving the rewards almost immediately.

“…already I have made positive changes…”

The Motivated Mind has encouraged me to focus on what is really important to me and has given me the tools to achieve my goals. I am in the beginning stages of the program, but already I have made positive changes to achieve balance in my life and look forward to each day with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and anticipation.”

Kristi Canavan, Canton, MA

The Motivated Mind is the best investment I’ve ever made.”

Gilles Beaulieu, New Brunswick, Canada

It’s at this portion of our time together that most slick marketers would play mental tricks on you to make the price seem laughably low: Compare the book price to the price of learning the material live or break it down to pennies per day. I’ll save you the time and say that the material in The Motivated Mind can change your life and, to me, that’s priceless.

No tricks needed.

I’ve read books that shared an idea that changed the way I thought about things forever. In turn I acted differently, which changed the course of my life…for the price of a book. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

From the beginning, I wanted to make my program available to anyone who wanted to live a better life. There are similar programs and courses on the market that come with a hefty price tag of hundreds to several thousands. Just because someone can’t afford these tools doesn’t mean they should be excluded from information that can dramatically improve the quality of their life, which is why I’m happy to make the following offer…

Order Today and Receive The Motivated Mind for Only $14.95

Instant Digital Download

The retail price of The Motivated Mind is $26.95, but right now the price is over 40% lower. Why? For one, this is a digital download so we save on printing costs. I also want to make this offer easy on your wallet and mind. The more people I can help, the better.

But I want to go a step farther. If my program doesn’t work for you, for any reason, I don’t deserve your money, which is why I’m also happy to offer a rather uncommon guarantee.

“The small fee for this book is a raindrop!”

“I love what The Motivated Mind has done to my way of thinking. I knew the concepts; I had believed we have control. But this book has captured me into really making a change instead of just knowing it. I have never done a testimonial before and half the time don’t believe them but I think everyone should have a copy of this book! The small fee for this book is a raindrop! I can’t wait to see where I go from here!”

Alison Kohlar, Canby, OR

Better than 100% Guarantee

If you’re not happy with The Motivated Mind, for any reason, you have every right to ask for your money back. No questions asked. If the program doesn’t work for you, if you don’t get the results you hoped for, or if you simply didn’t have time to read the book, we’re happy to grant you an immediate refund. That’s just good business and care for the customer.

SatisfyHow can we make it even better? You get to keep the book.

Perhaps you’ll read it down the road when you’re ready to tackle that big goal or perhaps you have a friend who may benefit from its message. Whatever the reason, you get to keep your download as well as your money.

How can we make it even Unlike most guarantees, which are limited to 30 days, our guarantee is good for your entire lifetime. If you’d like a refund in ten days or ten years, you get your money back. Period.

Some say this is bad business and that people will take advantage. They’ll purchase, download, and immediately request a refund, never having planned on paying in the first place. While it has happened a few times in the past (one reader even admitted it), it’s worth it. It’s worth it to help the majority who are on the fence to take the step toward a better life, regardless of a few bad apples.

With a price and a promise like this, I hope you’ll take the chance at change.

“…wishing I would have bought it a year ago!”

“Just wanted to say that I have been receiving your newsletters for nearly a year, and only today decided to purchase The Motivated Mind. I have only read 25 pages so far but I am already wishing I would have bought it a year ago! Thanks a million!”

Marta Hearty, New York, NY

Get Your Copy Below

Discover the complete system to creating a bigger, better life. After checkout, your copy of The Motivated Mind will be immediately available for download in PDF format, ready to read online, on mobile, or on your favorite e-reader (instructions included). If you’re ready to dive in, make your choice below.

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Email Coaching: For some, the book is enough. For others, they want personal help putting the pieces in place along with receiving ongoing advice, encouragement, and accountability. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, simply choose one of the coaching packages above. The program is simple–you’ll have direct access to me via email, five days a week. Together we’ll tackle whatever challenges you’re facing and move toward whatever dreams you’re chasing. Further details are included with your purchase.

*Prices listed are a one-time fee; there are no recurring or future charges.

“…don’t hold your life up another day by not reading it now!”

“Since reading and putting into action The Motivated Mind I have learned how to move my motivation forward. What has amazed me most is that once I have found the ‘tipping point’ it is as the book has promised – working towards my goal is effortless. This book is fabulous, without a doubt, please, please, don’t hold your life up another day by not reading it now!”

Carole Marek, UK

Ready for Change?

If you are 100% happy with your life, chances are you don’t need this book. Maybe someone you know could use the information, but all in all you’re good to go. If, however, you’d like something to be different, I suggest you give it a chance.

Yes, it’s my book and so I’m biased; I want you to buy this book because it’s good for business. But there’s more, much more. I want you to read this book because nothing feels better than helping people live better lives, especially when not doing so could potentially result in your not doing and being all you dream of.

Making that kind of difference, to me, feels amazing.

But even better than what I feel is what you’ll feel…and experience and create and contribute. When you know how to control your motivation, nothing is out of reach. You really can create a life of greatness, an extraordinary story that inspires everyone around you to reach for more.

Your path to a bigger, better life may be within the pages of this book. Isn’t that enough to take the chance? If it doesn’t work, you have nothing to lose and all will be returned. If it does work, you have everything to gain for the rest of your life.

I thank you for your time and wish you the best in creating that extraordinary life. I hope we’ll do it together, as partners. Either way, show the world what you’re made of.

My Best,




Jason Gracia
Founder & CEO
VantagePoint Motivation Services, Inc.

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