Ready to Finally Change Your Life?

Whether or not you reach a goal often comes down to whether or not you have help. As much as we’d like to believe we can do it by ourselves, that’s not how it actually works. Without help, without an outside source of ideas, support, and accountability, your chance of reaching your goal is small. That chance, however, increases dramatically the moment you involve someone else, even more so when that someone is a knowledgeable coach or expert.

This isn’t news. You know that things are easier to accomplish when you have help, especially when you have help from someone who knows what they’re doing. It’s the reason everyone from a pro athlete to a six-year-old pianist has a teacher. Simply put, it works.

Having an expert at your side opens up a brand new source of insights and experiences, allowing you to skip ahead faster while avoiding common mistakes and dead ends. Their support also helps you bounce back from setbacks (which can end a goal if no one is there is help you back up) and helps you celebrate the wins.

Even more important is accountability. It’s far too easy to talk ourselves out of going for it when we’re the only ones who know. It’s far too easy to back down, to give up, to settle for less. That’s why it happens so often. Goals require you to stretch, something most people don’t like to do, so without someone there pushing them along, they silently settle. The goal or dream disappears and their life is forever different, less than it could have been. And no one is the wiser.

It’s a different story with a coach. When you have someone dedicated to helping you reach your goal, when you have someone pushing you forward, expecting you to make progress, nudging you past your fears and past your comfort zone, amazing things can happen, things you never thought were possible or you were capable of pulling off.

With a coach by your side, you can do anything.

Hi, I’m Jason Gracia, CEO of VantagePoint Inc, author of The Motivated Mind, and creator of Motivation123. The beautiful bride’s hand that I’m holding is my wife Megan and together we run our company, while raising our daughter, Cora, in Madison, Wisconsin. Welcome.

But There’s a Problem

As powerful as coaching is, few people use it to change their lives or achieve their goals. Why? Because it can be hard to find honest help online, and when you do it can be hard to afford.

A quick peek at the market reveals prices reaching into the high hundreds or thousands of dollars per month. You shouldn’t have to be rich to live a better life, which is why I decided to be part of the solution and create the Motivation123 Email Coaching Program.

I wanted to offer an affordable solution for people ready to change their lives or achieve big goals who wanted help to make sure it actually happened. And I didn’t want to staff it out as many other companies do—it would be me, one on one, with you.

What was once out of reach would be readily available to anyone who wanted it.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to an expert every day of the week to help you achieve your goals or dreams? And wouldn’t it be nice to have that access as close and convenient as your pocket?

That’s the Motivation123 Email Coaching Program, a one-on-one service in which you have direct access to me every day of the week via email where you can get advice, answers, and insights when you want, where you want.

Don’t have a list of questions ready to go? No goal or plan in place? Not a problem. More than a simple question-and-answer service, the program is actually built upon a structure that we’ll work through together, step by step: Motivation123’s SquareOne Method to help uncover your goals (if you don’t already know what you want) and Motivation123’s Shift Method to help motivate you until you get what you’re after.

Whether you already know what you want and simply need the motivation to go for it or you’re starting from scratch and need help uncovering the right path to follow, the Motivation123 Email Coaching Program has the solution you’re looking for.

Are You Looking for These?

If the following benefits sound appealing, you may just be the perfect candidate for membership.

Figure Out What You Want

Using the SquareOne Method, we’ll discover the goals and dreams that are best suited to you and your needs. Few people actually know what they want in life. As a member, you’ll be one of the few who do.

Get Motivated to Take Action

Using the Shift Method, we’ll tap into your internal drive to make sure you don’t merely set big goals–you’ll do something about them. Getting yourself to take action can feel impossible, but we’ve got a system designed to make your natural wiring work to your advantage and trigger your motivation like never before.

Overcome Your Fears

What holds 99% of people back from reaching their potential is fear…fear of failure, fear of following through, fear of success. Millions of goals and dreams have been undone by this four-letter word alone. With a coach in your pocket guiding you forward–nudging when necessary–this won’t happen to you.

Be Held Accountable

Despite what you may think, humans love being held accountable. It’s too easy to quit if no one notices and it’s frustrating and lonely if no one cares. With me by your side every day of the week, we’ll solve both issues. I’ll make sure you never settle–checking in to make sure you’re following through–and we’ll do it all together, so you’ll never have to feel it’s you against the world.

Get Constant Support

The right word from the right friend can turn around your world. That’s the power of having a supportive friend. As a client, you’ll have that and more, a friend and coach who knows what it takes to reach a goal. I’ll be there to help you overcome every setback and I’ll be there to celebrate every win.

Achieve Your Goals

Nearly every goal set in the United States and beyond is never reached. One of the most important, if not obvious benefits of having a coach always at hand is that you’ll actually make progress toward and reach your goals. You’ll enter with an idea and together we’ll work it into reality.

Enjoy the Ride

Everything in life is better when you do it with someone else. As a coaching client, we’ll turn the process of changing your life into an adventure, with exciting twists and turns, eye-opening insights, and a whole lotta fun.

New Addition

In addition to email access, members now receive weekly Skype check-ins for live feedback and accountability. Using Skype’s Instant Message feature, all members can connect with me live during weekly “office hours” for instant advice and support.

That’s Not All…

Members Also Get Access to Every Motivation123 Program

SquareOne: Not only will we be working through the steps of the SquareOne Method, but you’ll get access to the entire course. 39 sections and over 125 pages of activities and exercises designed to answer life’s greatest question: What Do You Want?

The Motivated Mind: You’ll get a free copy of the 10,000+ seller that has helped people all over the world take control of their motivated minds. Discover a brand new perspective on what motivation means and the steps you need to take to control it once and for all.

Motivated in Minutes: You’ll also receive a download of our popular tips guide, Motivated in Minutes, which contains over 1,000 quick and easy tips to help you set goals, get motivated, improve your attitude, and truly enjoy your life.

Shift Video Course: Like SquareOne above, we’ll not only walk through the core principles of the Shift Method. You’ll also get access to the entire video course, five days of training to help you turn your natural tendencies into your greatest advantages and unlock an internal drive that can’t be stopped.

As a member, you’ll get lifetime access to all of our current–and future–programs, yours to keep no matter what. Each will be available for immediate download or viewing after being accepted into the group.

How Much Does It Cost?

The question on everyone’s mind…how much does this all cost? I know coaches and consultants who charge $500 per month and those who charge $5,000 per month. When you consider that you’re getting direct access to someone’s time and resources and expertise, those prices can actually be a steal (depending on the coach, of course). Personally, I’ve charged anywhere from $297 to $997 per month for one-on-one work.

Even when those prices are justified because of the value delivered, they’re still very expensive and therefore out of reach for most people. When putting together the Motivation123 Email Coaching Program, I wanted to do something different. I wanted to help people, directly, but for a price that most could afford. As I said before, I just don’t believe you should have to be rich to live a better life.

So for a short time I’m opening 10 spots in the program at only $97 per month. We’ll eventually double that price, but for now we’re going to offer direct access seven days a week for under $100, which comes to about $3 a day. Not a bad deal, if you ask me. (It’s even better when you realize the free resources already add up to over $175.)

I’ve been lucky enough to help people change and improve their lives for over 16 years, to create one of the most popular personal development websites online, to write books and create courses and deliver workshops, and to serve an audience of over 135,000. In that time I’ve gained quite a bit of experience and expertise in the art of goal achievement. Now’s your chance to put all of that directly to work for you.

Unlike most other programs, there is no long-term commitment. You can cancel at any time, no questions asked.

What’s the Next Step?

If you’re finally ready to do something about the things you want, ready to achieve your goals and change your life, you can apply for my email coaching program below. Because it’s me reading and replying to each of your messages, we can only accept a small number of people into the program, so we need to ensure a good fit before getting started.

I will personally review your application and respond within 24 hours. If accepted, you’ll receive a link to join, a getting started guide, access to our entire line of products, and my private coaching email address. As soon as you’re ready, you can send your first email and we’ll begin the adventure of changing or improving your life!

Which Path Will You Choose?

Now that my little spiel has come to an end, it’s time to make a choice: You can choose to go it alone and hope things work out for the best or you can join me and together we can make something happen. Both paths can work, but if you’ve already tried the first and didn’t get the results you wanted, it may be time to try the second.

Achieving your goals and changing your life can be challenging, especially when you try to do it alone. It can be confusing, overwhelming, frustrating, and, at times, terrifying. But when you make it a team effort, everything changes. You double your ideas, double your resources, and double your ability to overcome your fears (and overcome procrastination) and finally begin making good on your greatest goals and ambitions. Not to mention, sometimes you just need someone to give you a nudge…or a swift kick. 🙂

You can continue trying to do it alone, but if you’re ready for a change, I’m here to help. Simply fill out the application above and together we’ll begin the process of making something incredible happen.

My Best,


Jason M. Gracia
Founder & CEO
VantagePoint Motivation Services, Inc.

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