7 Steps to Become Instantly Average

Who wants to be extraordinary when it’s so much easier to be average? Just the length of the word (ex-tra-or-din-a-y) tires me out. In the event that you’re also looking for an easy way to lower your sites and settle for less, I have seven surefire steps to share.

1. Obsess about Outside Opinions

Live for approval. Think on it, worry about it, crave it ’til the cows come home. Whenever you’re about to do something, ask yourself: Would “they” (they being mostly strangers you’ll never actually interact with) approve? If so, full steam ahead. If not, I think you should take a second look. Behavior not bound by group acceptance is tiptoeing toward originality. Not good.

2. See Only the Finished Goods

Ignore completely the hours, weeks, and months of effort that goes into success. Just wipe it away. Focus instead on the finished shiny outcome, the gleaming product of success. In this way you’ll expect instant results from anything you do and, naturally, be sorely disappointed. It’s just a terrific way to be average.

3. Remain Safe

Never take risks. Small, medium, large–avoid them all. Why venture outside the comfy cocoon of mediocrity when doing so offers a chance of progress? No thank you, progress. Smarter to steer clear of anything that pulls you beyond your comfort zone and remain unnervingly dull and devoid of courage.

4. Think in Unlimiteds

You know that window of opportunity that is gradually closing, compelling you to act now before it’s too late? Nonsense. A house without windows is far more efficient–less to clean and more chances to eavesdrop on your neighbors. In other words, ignore the reality of life and tell yourself, instead, that unlimited time is on your side. Why act today when you can act next week Friday? Even better, why act today when you can create a better life next year? Wait, my friend, wait. Don’t rush. Don’t hustle. Don’t move and groove. Wait until the moment feels just right. And then wait some more.

5. Compare Down

Nothing feels as good as comparing myself with toddler. I’m smarter, faster, and usually stronger. It’s laughingly easy to feel great about yourself when you compare down. You don’t improve or feel motivated to evolve, but who cares? This is about being average! The advice about spending time with people who will make more of you is for those “other” people, those happy, successful fools.

6. Keep It Fuzzy

Whether we’re talking about your goals or your fears, I want you to keep them hazy, like a pleasant afternoon spent in smog. Clear goals may lead to decisive action. We can’t have any of that. Clear fears (pinpointing precisely what it is that scares you) may lead you to realize there’s actually nothing to fear. Not cool, Mr. Average, not cool. Keep it fuzzy and you’ll not succeed with the worst of them.

7. Make Failure Forever

They say success is built upon a foundation of failure. Makes sense. Failure teaches what doesn’t work and, in that way, reveals the path forward. But you and me, we know better. We know that failing once is synonymous with being a failure forever. There’s nothing to be learned, nothing to be gained from trying and falling short. There is only pain and permanence. The average among us know that taking a shot isn’t worth the risk.

Follow these steps and you too can be average. Perhaps, if you’re a real go-getter, you can sink to below average. Just don’t try too hard. Us average folk have a reputation to live down to, after all.

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