JGPicOne word launched this site 15 years ago: never. For as long as I can remember, I’ve hated the word. Loathed it. It eats at me to this day and is the reason I’m still trying all these years later to remove it from as many people’s lives as possible.

The thought that people alive today will never do the things they want to do, never see or hear or feel or be what they hope for or dream of is a fact I can’t accept.

A woman who dreams of seeing the sun set over Rome, a man who dreams of earning his degree, a teen who dreams of changing the world with his startup, a mother who dreams of giving her children a better life, a father who dreams of helping children across the globe…countless goals, hopes, and dreams live within us all, and more often than not they never see the light of day.

I can’t accept that our friend will never see that sunset or earn that degree or make the world a better, safer place. It’s my purpose and passion to kill as many of those “nevers” as I can.

I’d feel differently if they had no choice. But that’s the thing–all of these millions who live and die without ever experiencing the life they imagined are, in most cases, doing so unnecessarily. They’re capable of so much more. Their potential is extraordinary. Yet most never come close to reaching it.

It’s with these thoughts in mind, all those years ago, that I started Motivation123. Using everything I’ve learned over the years, along with everything I knew to be true at my core, I’ve written books, created courses, and shared tools to help people overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of their greater goals and their greater purpose.

This world, this life, has so much to offer. If I can help you uncover dreams, overcome fears, gain confidence, and get motivated so that you can begin to experience it, everything I’ve done will have been worth it.


About Jason Gracia

After earning my degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Go Badgers!), I fell in love with the city and have lived there ever since with my incomparable wife, Megan, and our dazzlingly adorable daughter, Cora Rose. Along with Motivation123, I run an agency for personal brands at SavvyHippo.com. I’m a sucker for early American history, played in a rock band in college, love to read, write, and travel, and consider myself one of the luckiest guys on earth.

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